Thursday, December 18, 2008

Strange happenings

I'm going to be honest, while I truly appreciate the historic nature of Barrack Obama's election, there's been a strange 'other side' that just keeps adding to itself. While he was still a candidate, we couldn't seem to come to a respectable, or even definite, conclusion about his associations with the likes of radical-leftist-terror-bomber-turned-educator Bill Ayers, radical-black-activist-America-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright, or convicted felon Tony Rezko. Now that he's been elected (of course), the simple matter of his birthplace has been cast into unexpectedly-persistent uncertainty. And to top it all off, his now-vacant Senate seat was, until recently, for sale to the highest bidder by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (who himself had proven ties to Rezko). He's not the first president to bring baggage to the Oval Office, public or not, but this is starting to get bizarre. I'm not going to assume he's guilty just because of ideological differences, we get enough of that in this country. Honestly I doubt he has a hand in any serious wrongdoings, at least to the extent that someone as removed from the situation and the evidence as me can assume such standpoints, but I'm open to surprises, as unpleasant as they would be.
But at least as unsettling as the fact that these things keep coming up (true or not) is the back-bending the news-media has been doing to keep Obama's image as pristine and Messianic as it knows Obama's supporters want it to be. They've subtly (or not) created an atmosphere in which people who actively wonder about these allegations cannot without great difficulty be viewed as anything other than idiots, whacked-out conspiracy theorists, or simply conservative partisans with an axe to grind over losing the election. The Left and their news outlets, over the last 8 years, could not have made more of a scene every time it perceived government actions as sugar-coating or glossing over some potentially incompetent or even corrupt practice, hailing themselves as crusaders for liberty, justice, government by the people, all that as they did so. They've got their chance to be better than that- to show they're more concerned with what's right than with who's right, that they're committed to having uncomfortable conversations when it means getting to the truth, that they're more open to being disagreed with than they've made their conservative foes out to be, and they're blowing it FAST.
These are all questions that we need answers to, and it's obvious why we're not being allowed to look into them: the Obama camp is being careful what they wish for.

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